Ballistic vests manufactor in Azerbaijan

Founded in 2017-2018 in Baku, Azerbaijan, BUTA ARMOR is an innovative company manufacturing bulletproof vests.



To protect the lives of the men and women serving in law enforcement and military departments.

We produce bullet-resistant vests which cover the greatest possible area of the body and some of our  body armor models provide full coverage of the torso, including shoulders, neck and groin areas.

We offer custom solutions according to specific requirements – standard features to specific details like color, size, various customizations and separate models for men and women.

Full Spectrum of Personal Soft Ballistic Protection

Buta Armor offers body armor with raised level of protection by improving the ballistic panels and armor plates, according to the customer’s requirements.

The design of the carriers, as well as the soft armor panels could separate the vests for different usage and levels of protection:

  • Covert/ Concealable
  • Overt/ Enhanced
  • VIP / Diplomatic
  • Floatation / Marines
  • Tactical / Special forces
  • Military / Army
Full Spectrum of Personal Soft Ballistic Protection
Components of Body Armor

Components of Body Armor

Soft Armor ballistic systems/ ballistic panels


  • 100% Aramid
    Kevlar by “Du Pont”; Twaron by “TEIJIN ARAMIDS”; Goldflex by “Honeywell”
  • 100% High performance polyethylene (HPPE)
    Spectra by “Honeywell”; Dyneema by “DSM”
  • Hybrid systems
    HPРЕ + Aramid

Soft Armor ballistic panels are designed with the most modern, strong and flexible ballistic materials and offering an extended protective area and high ergonomy for the users.

Outershells of the vest

  • MOLLE webbing – no needs of ammunition vest – reduce the weight of the whole soldier equipment;
  • 360° MOLLE system – complete choice to attach pouches
  • Pockets for side plates – possibility to insert additional plates
  • Quick Release System – for Special Troops and SWAT teams

Hard Armor Protection

Hard Armor ballistic systems: ballistic plates


  • Ceramic + HPPE/Aramid
  • Laminated Aramid
  • Steel

Buta Armor offers upgraded hard armor solutions to stop 5,56-mm bullet with steel penetrator from cartridge 5,56×45 NATO designation SS-109 or US M855, not covered by the standard NIJ Level III protection solutions.

Single and multi curved shapes are produced and the plates are designed to work either in conjunction with soft armor level IIIA NIJ or Stand Alone.

Types of hard armor products:

  • Ballistic plates

Hard Armor Protection
Capacity & Technology

Capacity & Technology

  • x square meters factory and warehousing facility;
  • x ballistic vests per year;
  • Number of employees: x;
  • Turnover x
Quality Focus & Core Values

Quality Focus & Core Values

The Company has the required certifications and licenses to manufacture and trade with personal protective products and systems, including the Certificate for Safeguarding of NATO Classified Information as well as all kinds of testing certifications from world accredited ballistic and textile laboratories.

ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / NIJ Standard – 0101.06
NIJ Standard – 0101.04 / VPAM BSW 2006 / NATO AQAP 2110

Our core value is the flexibility to cover each client’s requrements – from small to huge quantity, from basic to full torso covering protection.

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